Will be one of the region's leading machining workshop. Our services shall contribute to higher value creation for our customers and an acceptable earning for our owners. To address this, we must at all times possess a modern machine park and have competent personnel.
Our company shall gain recognition for the quality and delivery capabilities that will result in that we are a preferred supplier. It is the Board's ambition to achieve the company's adopted vision. To counter this, it is essential that the company establish and continuously maintain a comprehensive and practical management system that includes both the quality aspect and environmental aspect of all levels and all functions in the company.

Quality policy
Stamas Group shall by commitment to quality, appear to be a company with high business ethics. The quality of our products and services shall meet our customers' requirements, expectations, and applicable regulatory requirements. We are motivated by the results and will continuously improve our services and products. We should improve our profitability through efficiency and cost-conscious execution of our work.